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We showcase the dynamism of developers and technology leaders who bring impact to the hearts and minds of millions.

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The power of film, and the benefits of storytelling, drive understanding, adoption, and participation of open source solutions. Our documentaries work to expose how the open source community’s work has transformed our modern-day way of life.
—Chad Torbin, Executive Producer
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Inside Envoy: The Proxy For The Future

Premiered in Amsterdam at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2023, “Inside Envoy” tells the story of how a talented group of engineers and developers fueled the remarkable rise of the Envoy open source project.

“Inside Envoy” takes viewers into the founder’s story as leading community voices provide a first-hand, behind-the-scenes look into the Envoy and its path of becoming one of the most game- changing technology innovations celebrated by hundreds of thousands of developers and companies across the globe.

"Inside Envoy" recently honored as a Gold Winner for the Vega Awards presented by IAA in the Documentary - Long Form” category.


Kubernetes: The Documentary

Our first production was a two part series on the origins of the Kubernetes. Inspired by the need for a better container orchestration system, a handful of Google engineers set out to change the world by creating one of the greatest open source projects of all time. The film gives a voice and face to the engineers, who faced adversity and technical challenges in their quest to change the way we work and live today.

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Inside Prometheus: The Open Source System That Changed Technology

At KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 2022 in Detroit, Speakeasy premiered “Inside Prometheus: The Open Source System That Changed Technology.”

Featuring some of the most prominent pioneers, executives and engineers in the community, this documentary film takes viewers into the origins and meteoric rise of the Prometheus project and its path to becoming a game-changing technology celebrated by millions of developers and companies across the globe.

"Inside Prometheus" was recently recognized for with Gold at the Viddy Awards and a Platinum at the Hermes Creative Awards.


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The Rise of eBPF

eBPF will be our next major documentary production that engages all of the natural elements for storytelling: heroism, struggle and impact. Initially overlooked, eBPF gained attention as its potential for network tracing, security, and performance optimization emerged. Today, it is seen as one of the most promising technologies in the Linux ecosystem, with new applications emerging constantly.

We aim to bring this dynamic film to screens everywhere in the Fall of 2023. For sponsorship opportunities, please contact us at: sponsorship@speakeasystrategies.com

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Production Partners

Our films are made possible by many partners in technology and business. Through their generous financial support and community sponsorship, we’re able to produce groundbreaking films that demystify core technologies and showcase the value of developers that inspire the next generation of coders and business leaders.

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